Community Engagement

A Queens, NY community learned that a valuable resource was being taken away from I made it my business to be present and active for the next day's press conference with New York State Senator Leroy Comrie and representatives from EmblemHealth...

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Suite Life: Salon & Spa (Open Call)

IF THIS IS YOU CHECK IT OUT! I know the owner, she's on point! If you're serious about beauty and your craft and you want a chance to get in on the ground floor GO TO THIS OPEN CALL!

She's no slouch, she's the real deal just ask a model from NY FASHION WEEK! Now she's taken her talent and teamed up with another great and they've opened Suite Life Salon & Spa in Long Island, NY.

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The Disease that Congress Spread & the Nation Waiting for a Cure

By now you know, and for some of you have already began to experience, our government's "partial" shutdown. It is partial because the only part shut down is the Federal Government. It is quite awkward to say 'partial' and 'only' in the same sentence when referring to the Federal Government. Why? Because the Federal Government is integral in our day-to-day living and governance. You may be wondering what the point is and why we, the United States of America, have shut down- AGAIN. In 2013, this should not be the state of our economy nor government but it is. All sources lead to the GOP. As early as 2009 talks, gatherings and exclusive meetings were had, rallying support for the 2010 elections for The House seats. The promise was that if Republicans won the majority they would shut the government down like they did in 1995, another promise that was kept.

(See the following link for video from Rachel Maddow: )

I see a pattern here, the question is: Why? As an American, I cannot fathom how this is a good thing. What is the point? Is it to prove that government is intrusive and not a help to anyone or is it to promote capitalism? Careful review of our Nation's present state of affairs, it is the latter. It is my belief that capitalism works best when a nation is healthy; America as of now is diseased. With disturbing sentiments like this by political blogger, Erick Erickson:

"I'm almost giddy thinking about a government shutdown next year. I cannot wait!"

And again by Representative John Culberson of Texas as he and his colleagues shouted for a vote:

"I said, like 9/11, 'Let's roll!'"

It is scary to think of who has been elected to steer this country. Somehow I believe that the "American People", so often mentioned, have been left out and the only concern is business and revenue. The Affordable Care Act, nicknamed by opponents as "Obamacare", is the scapegoat. Despite being the scapegoat it really is not the major issue. The major issue is capitalism that benefits a select bunch not the Nation as a whole. This was the issue in 1994 and it remains the issue today.

What Congress needs to understand is that America is not made up of select business geniuses but also the people who are the hands and feet that keep these businesses thriving, making us the Land of Dreams. This selfish act from Congress stalemating the United States of America right now has tentacle reach! There are families that do not make enough to survive and depend on WIC for the additional nutritional assistance- this service is in danger because it is fully funded by the Federal Government. Also in jeopardy are adult protective services, temporary assistance for families and the child care development fund. The NIH has been affected as well, having had NIH certification myself, I understand what this means for universities and hospitals. It is a wary pause in progress. Hospitals across the country have to turn away therapy dogs, sometimes the only aid rehabilitating a person. No new patients seeking last resort experimental treatments will be accepted. Lives are in jeopardy across the country. Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of people being furloughed from work- bills, rent, mortgage payments- everything is at stake.

Adding insult to injury is the irony concerning Veterans. Veterans, the people who fought and sacrificed much for this great country, are at risk of having their compensation, pension and education benefits cut. Furthermore, according to, a one-week shutdown could cost the United States $10 billion.

If you ask me this shutdown is taking us backward. So Congress, the people of America DEMAND that you get it together and remember that a House divided against itself WILL FALL.