The TMI Series: PCOS

The acne on my face, the hair in unwanted places. Is it just me or is this normal? I mean how hairy could one girl / woman be? I’d wondered this for years until the diagnosis came in...

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What Are We Worth?

"Know your worth!"

We've heard it said so many times but the question is, 'what does it mean to know your worth?'

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Suite Life: Salon & Spa (Open Call)

IF THIS IS YOU CHECK IT OUT! I know the owner, she's on point! If you're serious about beauty and your craft and you want a chance to get in on the ground floor GO TO THIS OPEN CALL!

She's no slouch, she's the real deal just ask a model from NY FASHION WEEK! Now she's taken her talent and teamed up with another great and they've opened Suite Life Salon & Spa in Long Island, NY.

Don't say I never told you...


I Love Lupita Nyong'o <3 !!!

Okay, so it's confession time... I love Lupita Nyong'o! This gorgeous Kenyan (born in Mexico--  fun fact) actress and filmmaker has remarkable style! Cheers to her stylist, Micaela Erlanger * salutes *. You may know Lupita from the incredible movie, "12 Years A Slave", where she plays the role of Patsey. I remember the first time I saw her, it was on Facebook as a post from The Fashion Bomb Daily. I stopped scrolling and said "Wooooow! That dress is BAD!!!!!!" Don't believe me? Look for yourselves:

The cut is elegant, simple AND classy. The silhouette it compliments is show stopping! A welcomed change to the see-thru everything dress trend *bleck* (no imagination or creativity there). Lupita and her styling team did not stop there... Check these out:


Do you see that last picture? Can we just talk about her BEAUTIFUL complexion???!!!! She's said that medicinal herbs from Madagascar cured her of a previous skin disorder. I don't know about you but I'm getting ready to dust off my passport! * logs on to *

I will stop here, because I could definitely go on and on BUT I won't. Haha. Fashion challenge accepted Lupita Nyong'o. :)

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