Valentine’s Day Approaches: A Single Girl’s Survival Guide

If you’re single- whether it is by choice, a recent break up or you’re dating but do not have anyone that is ‘Valentine’ worthy- this guide is for you! Here are FIVE V-Day ideas you can use:

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It was late last night that I thought about how much I love travel. Why? It's the excitement of seeing some place new on God's green earth! I've never pegged myself as an adventurer BUT I guess I am, somewhat. My desire is to travel around the world and visit ALMOST every country, let's face it, not all countries have a touristy atmosphere right now. Aside from that, this wanderlust inside of me wakes me up in the morning begging to be satisfied. I love my country and state and all of that, however, culture calls!

I miss the whir of propellers telling me I'm moments away from new and unforgettable experiences. The bird's eye view of the community, state, country, land, sea and sky- in that order- excites all of my senses.

Enough talk, time to make some plans so I could add photos and great anecdotes to the Story of My Life.

I refuse to have a Bucket List, seems too morbid a task- counting things down one by one before you die?! No thanks, I will do a Life Experience List. Pretty self-explanatory, yes? No? Okay, my list will include things I want to experience and be enriched from and by not merely "do"; that's how you build a Life Experience List.

I have quite a lot of places I'd like to visit and indulge in but I still need suggestions. What are some things you all think I should experience? Cultures I should learn about? Eh, I'm nervous to ask you about food... I love new and exciting deliciousness BUT I draw the line at raw formerly alive creatures and insect/bug type things. That being said... Let 'er rip, suggest away people!

*Note: For the international and local traveler alike checkout & *

(Below are pics of my previous travels. As you can see I love the tropics but I want new adventure!)

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