20130911-124411.jpg I could post pictures of the towers being crashed into or of people crying in pain and mourning the devastating loss of loved ones. I could also post images stating that we will never forget this awful tragedy. I won't.

Instead, the solemnness of this day demands HOPE. It's the anniversary of September 11th's terrorist attack, yes, but we aren't celebrating. This anniversary we remember those we've loved and lost and because of that love we've been sparked to do something greater than ourselves! For some it meant joining the military, for others it meant starting foundations and movements but for all it meant to remember the foundations of our National Pledge.

Sadly, for some this day still brings fear, the reason though understood is still unjust. One Nation Under God- still encompasses those who are here, those who continue to help build this great nation, those who bleed red, white and blue!

What's more terrifying than outside devastation is destruction from within. What we need is HOPE. It's there for the grasping, reach out for it. I encourage you to spit in the face of fear and terror by making this day everything they wanted to destroy!

Honor your loved ones by making dreams come true, by loving again, by becoming politically active, by DOING SOMETHING- BY HOPING!

Hope creates change! So CHANGE my Loves.