Miss America 2014... Weigh In!

20130915-221653.jpg Weigh in. The 2014 Miss America Competition is being aired right now!

I watch for the purpose of entertainment and to cheer for my state or at the very least the most likable candidate (in my opinion). I'd never thought about it as demeaning or as a setback in the women's / feminist movement.

{Note: There are some absolutely brilliant and talented women who take part in this competition and ones just like it. For them it may just be the propellant they need to effect positive change in this country and world. Don't judge these competitions on their faces, go deeper. Don't believe me? Google Faith Jenkins.}





Alright, I'll climb down from my soapbox now and ask your opinions.

Soooo, are you watching the competition? What is your opinion about such competitions?


Sound off!