Season 2 Episode 8: Dating, what's the point? Part 2 (Married Edition)

Part 2: Crystal wants to know what comes next when Tinder and Netflix & Chill are over… This time she asks the opinion of a married man. Listen now!

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Season 2 Episode 4: Killing It

Sometimes you just have to stop comparing and Kill It… the game that is.

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Season 2 Episode 1: Mind, Your Business

Crystal sits down to chat with Danielle Waldron to talk about mental health-- the stigmas, the role social media and culture plays…

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Thank You

So now we’ve come to the…

* queue Boys II Men *

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A Crying Shame

Crystal talks about the shame of it all and what keeps us from thriving.

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Coming to Wakanda...

Too much hype? or Just right? Let's discuss.

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The Let's Chat Podcast: 3 Questions About Monogamy

The second full episode is out and we are talking all about ... MONOGAMY! Weigh in...