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Hi, I'm Crystal.

Welcome to the site! As you search through the tabs and pages you will find different types of information from what's happening now to my most intimate secrets. You will notice one other thing-- I'm a Christian.

The site may have my name on it but I would like you to think of this as your 'safe place'. is all about encouragement, inspiration, reality, honesty and making this world a better place-- one blog at a time.

I encourage you to interact with me here, Facebook or Twitter (links for e-mail and social media are below). I am a writer but I consider you my 'Lovies' also known as 'Lovelies' so I want to get personal with you so submit questions and suggestions for topics you want to read or see me video (vlog) about-- Click on the AskCrystal button.


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Hold nothing back. CrystalSays... Let's be honest ;)

Crystal (June 2016)

Crystal (June 2016)