February 19, 2014| Compromise in a Relationship is Not Supposed to Degrade You

In relationships the issue of "compromise" is huge! From furniture, to banking and investing to rearing children and where you would build your home, compromise is a foundational block for relationships. If you are not ready to compromise, I would say you are not ready for a mature and mutually benefiting relationship.

Compromise is not a dirty word and it is not a trick to get you to give up everything you love to become a 'doormat' or a 'punk', it does the exact opposite. Compromise actually opens avenues for greater relationship prosperity but that's another post all together.

The major thing to remember when it comes to compromise is that it should not degrade you in any way. You should not feel uncomfortable or question your morals or beliefs because you want to compromise with your partner. A guilt trip is the common mental and emotional weapon that some people use to get you to meet them 'half way'.

My suggestion to you is this: if half way means that it feels WRONG on a deeper level, it probably is and you should stand firm on your "NO".