Zimmerman Revisited

Could we revisit one of this year's most controversial cases? Great, thanks. Surprise, surprise. George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, wants a divorce!

Recently Shellie Zimmerman has stood her own trial for perjury sans George at her side! In April of 2012 Mrs. Zimmerman lied about the state of their finances- she said they were "broke" when in actuality they had been the recipients of $135,000 in donation monies. The lies caught up with her and so did remorse.

She now admits that George has a temper and was verbally abusive. If this information had been stated during the trial, justice for the slain may have been served. I know, I know who expects family and friends to tell the truth no matter what under oath despite the consequences right?! I DO! In this case, the truth literally would have set her free.

In her appearance on Good Morning America, Shellie states that her marriage is in jeopardy, she never really knew him and despite wanting to have children, remaining married to George is (as of now, was) something she has to think about. Now the latest news that has people and conspiracy theorists buzzing is George's new police interaction. It's well known that the couple have not lived together since the end of his trial, with the exception of three or four days. That being said, the domestic altercation involved three parties as the Lake Mary PD stated- George, Shellie and her father David Bryant Dean. It is reported that George punched Mr. Dean in his nose and grabbed Shellie's iPad from her hand and then cut it with a pocketknife.

What?! This is all very violent, all within the scope of what we've learned about this man. As much as I know and want this criminal to pay for the life he took that was not his for the taking, I know there has got to be more to this story. I have questions especially since Shellie Zimmerman, after conferring with her attorney, has decided NOT to press charges.

Questions & Things to Think About:

*Why was he there at his father-in-law's house?

*Why did he have a bodyguard in his truck with him, along with the gun he always has at the ready? (Did he think a cool tag team might happen?)

*Does George always travel with a body guard? If not, why this time? Is he afraid of his wife and father-in-law?

*Is someone threatening or forcibly persuading Shellie to change her mind so that she could get a peaceful divorce? (call it speculation if you so desire)

*George is pulled over twice for speeding, first in Texas where he is warned and told to close his glove compartment and not play with his gun. [insert confused face here] Second time, in Florida and is issued a $256 ticket. Yes, people speed BUT we're focusing on George. What's his rush? Was there a bodyguard there as well?

*Do you feel differently after hearing the jurors such as Juror B29 state things like "he got away with murder..."?

So many many many questions but let's start with those first.

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