I'm sick and tired of "privilege" being treated as a "natural right"! I'm sure you've all heard or seen news reports on that rich teenage boy who drove under the influence and ended up killing FOUR people, FOUR!!!! This is not something new, for years the affluent have been treated differently when it came to the law. Now it's gone too far, there's legal precedence that's been set! Can you imagine the amount of people that will try to claim "Affluenza"????

Based on the same arguments, one being that his parents never set limits so he was unaware of the negative outcomes of his behavior, I propose that the poor, urban and/or minority population use similar arguments.

How about those suffering from Povertisia, Urbanitis or Minorititus "He/she was taught to survive by any means necessary." Those means are limitless as well. Sounds ridiculous ? Good, so is "Affluenza"! EVERYONE KNOWS EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION. The difference with those who think their wealth gives them a clean break is that THEY KNOW THEIR WEALTH GIVES THEM A CLEAN BREAK.

Our justice system needs to cut the crap! Call a spade a spade, lock his butt up and NOT in the fancy prison. His life is not more than theirs. We are all born naked and when we die we turn to dust so tell me who is born gold and stays just so?!

Go ahead. I'll wait...