New Music!!!

I’m always on the hunt for new music. Whether it’s something to add to my workout, worship or my ‘dance like nobody is watching’ playlist- I keep my ears open! I’m not stingy so I will share my latest find with you. Are you ready? It’s:


Heart of A Winner by Patience!!!!

The first time I heard the song I immediately started dancing, okay okay so I started doing the slow bounce and finger snap, don’t judge me. This song made TWO of my playlists; reasons:

(1) Workout playlist- the lyrics push toward excellence

(2) ‘Dance Like Nobody Is Watching’ playlist- {verse 2} reminds me of where God brought me from – Seriously, who wouldn’t dance after that realization?!

Patience is a new artist untouched by the gimmicks of the music industry that usually water down the content and FIRE of the music. Don’t get me wrong, he is not lacking in the lyrical arena or the catchiness of his songs- the beat and chorus are still swirling around in my head. He’s a Christian artist with solid lyrics everyone can identify with:


Working every day & night I Grind So one day I'll shine There's no obstacle to tall I’m not afraid to fall The fight of my life And I have the Heart of a winner!


{Excerpt from verse1}

Free from the prison & the bondage I was in /now I have to live it and believe it in the morning and the evening in every city that I'm in Won't break or bend man I gotta stand tall/though the world around is all tempting me to fall/ BET is steady tempting me to ball!/she winking and smiling steady tempting me to call / but I say naw I'm putting up a fight ain't going out like 3 strikes in the 9th/gotta watch my ears just like a Holyfield fight/the world is full of Tyson's and they’re all tryna bite

Patience keeps it real; he talks about temptations to sell out just to fit in to a mold to “make it big” and of other women wanting to be “side-chicks”.  In the song, Heart of A Winner, there is this one line that sums it all up for me: [paraphrased] ‘I was on the donor’s list until He showed me mercy and did the transplant.’ WOW.

Do I need to say more? Patience is an artist I look forward to hearing more from. His beats are hot and the lyrics are always solid (yes, I went on a hunt for more). You can check his music out here:

 Patience (Buy the single)

Follow him on Twitter: @TheRealPatience

I’m definitely going to conquer something now- I’ve got the Heart of A Winner!