Natural vs. Engineered

Just here thinking... Chemically engineered medicines can really mess you up some times. I'm not saying all but I am saying that it happens. Recently I was prescribed a medication for the second time (by two different doctors) and for the second time after the first dose I've experienced a side-effect! Thank God it's not awful, although going through it feels awful haha (I can laugh now). My point is I've opted to rely on God- should have been plan A- and use the natural things He has equipped us with on earth.

Google has become my home slice (BFF) and I'm really digging Wellness Mama. Natural and free, it's the way to be!

I'll let you all know how my body reacts to the natural :)

What are natural products? Remedies? Items, that you Lovies use? {Hair, skin, digestive health, oral hygiene, body, etc.} Please let me know...