Interracial Love Affair

"What happened to the pure races?"

Okay, we're in 2014 it really shouldn't be a shocking matter that races inter-mingle. If you are unaware of that fact please allow me to be the first to inform you- people of different races fall in love, marry and have children-- WITH EACH OTHER.

This is not strange, it is beautiful. I could talk about the scientific studies that say "mixed race" people have better health and genetics but I won't. Instead I will talk about how fantastic I think it is!

Newsflash!!! There is no "pure" race except the human race (we DID NOT come from monkeys or evolution, yes I said it). Every human being, if possible, could trace their lineage to it's start and find that there was a whole lotta mixing going on. We're all descendants of the swirl (haha) so embrace it, I know I do. Are you wondering why interracial dating and marriage is so beautiful and 'cool'- not as in a cool trend, just cool because it is?

Here is why I think Interracial Romance (henceforth known as Tasting the Rainbow) is such a wonderful thing:

1. Culture, culture, culture. When two races combine you can bet you will learn a thing or two about another culture. Some good and some bad, such is life, but you will learn something interesting that you will never forget. Your horizon will be broadened with respect to food, fashion, career, dance, you name it. I have dated outside of my "race" and I would do it again! Through interracial dating you learn to value your own race so much more and then to appreciate another race equally.

2. Against all odds. This is the positive effect of negative actions. Sadly, in this world we still have racism and because of that interracial love is often persecuted and challenged unnecessarily, however, what tends to happen is the opposite result of what haters want to happen. The couple falls deeper in love because now they're not only two people in a romantic relationship, they're comrades fighting  side by side in a war for love. So the joke's on you haters! TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!

3. Beautiful babies!!! Mixed race (referring to ethnicity=race not nationality=country you're from ) children are absolutely gorgeous! It really gets under my skin when I hear the term "mutt" in reference to someone who is of known mixed ancestry. It burns my biscuits! My family is blessed with beautiful mixed children and it is my prayer that they are loved and appreciated by all those they encounter for their uniqueness.

4. Blind love. When you date and/or marry a person of another race you are going beyond having race and culture in common; in fact you are taking a blind leap. It's a blind leap because it isn't your norm but you've opened yourself to experience it and for it to experience you. (I sounded like a 'flower child' there haha but you know what I mean) I love blind love because you're forced to see passed what you know and wander into the scary but exciting unknown.

Disclaimer: While I am an avid advocate for interracial love, I want to be clear- SAME RACE or DIFFERENT RACES, IT DOESN'T MATTER-- LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL!

What do you all think?