Public Service Announcement: Don't Do It for Christ's Sake

I am sick, sick, sick of people- zealots- doing evil in the name of my Lord and Savior. Arizona has pissed me off to no end. How dare you pass a law to ban homosexuals from eating at a restaurant! Are you serious? What is worse is that it is being attached to God. God is NOT in that!

You are right to say religion, God never made religion-- man did. So these laws being made in the name of religion to do evil are just that, man made evil. I will be the first to say and stand by my beliefs that are founded biblically, what I cannot and will not stand for is blasphemy. Homosexual people are people, we can agree to disagree on lifestyle choices but the fact that misguided zealots are going out of their way to persecute and abuse a group of people is downright sinful. Slapping a band-aid marked 'For Christ' is both blasphemy and hypocritical.

If you've read anything in the Bible you would be able to see from Jesus Christ's track record that He probably would have told them their sins (no sin is greater than the other), that they can be forgiven if they turned their lives over to God and walk in obedience and then He would have sat and had lunch with them. THAT is the love of Christ!

So if you're going to use my Savior's name to do anything, make sure it is in accordance with His will!