HIV Vengeance

The more I hear about people purposefully infecting others with HIV as revenge, the more I am saddened. First, for the person seeking revenge, I know you never asked for this evil to come upon you. Second, I am saddened for the unwitting person who revenge is taken upon, you also never asked for this. You both are the same, victims, but one of you has the upper hand in knowing your HIV status and having the option to decide not to let this evil happen to someone else.

The same anger you feel toward the callous person who did this to you is who you have become when you knowingly infect others. You were better than that. Who are you now?

I'm so sorry for what has happened to you. I pray God's grace be with you and I ask of you one thing-- please don't become the monster you once hated.

You can find help here:


If you just want someone to read your story you can email me. You're not alone and there's help.