Shed a Tear for Our Youth

I shed a tear for our youth. Why? Because more and more I see an increasing decline of understanding and desire to be more than your circumstance. What do I mean?

There are many youth in underprivileged situations and their way of life reflects adult struggles and mindsets that had been passed down from generation to generation shaped by negativity. The cycle continues and in 2014 it is accepted, celebrated and envied.


Today while I was driving, as I turned the corner I saw a young boy that could not be older than 12 (if so much) riding his bicycle. He looked straight into my eyes, raised his right hand and pointed it sideways at me as though it were a gun (thumb extended, index and middle finger pressed tightly against each other while the other two fingers remained cocked, symbolizing the barrel and grip). He loudly said to me "Bang, Bang".


Do you understand the level of unease that comes with witnessing this? No, I was not afraid for myself. I was greatly uncomfortable and afraid for HIM. If he continues along that route of ignorance and bliss, mixed with the idolatry of violence- I see his future and it is the penitentiary.

I call to mind lyrics by Lecrae from his song "Violence"

[Verse 1]
4-fever, 9 millimeter
‘Dem a’ want a heater ‘cuz the streets is finna heat up
Six million ways to die; choose 10
And if he don't die then he probably do ‘em again
From passionate catastrophe, to genocidal blasphemy
No respect for humanity, they resort to insanity
Head bang on the glass, call it window pane
Jumping out the window tryna’ get my frame through the frame
Close range; when he point, I just blank-out
Felt my heart sank when that bang thang rang out
Now you got yo thang out, you take life, you give it
You took his life away, but you gave yours up to system
No wanna listen, no reason for livin’
We bought the lie we can't be forgiven for all our sinnin’
Killin’ is the religion, services in the prison
Ignorance got a slave and our name in the mentions

Some thing MUST be done. Our children, our youth deserve a chance. The music, television shows and movies NEED to be explained to them. Let them know THIS IS NOT something to aspire to, rather it is a portrayal of a LACK of betterment. I am not saying ban them BUT I am saying as adults, role models, etc. we MUST take an active role in making sure that as our youth's ears and eyes are bombarded they also understand and are able to weed out the counterproductive.


Join me in this movement to BE BETTER & DO BETTER. Our youth deserve that much. I shed a tear and pray a prayer for that young soul who dared to look into my eyes and imagine killing me- a stranger, another human being.