What Are We Worth?

"Know your worth!"

We've heard it said so many times but the question is, 'what does it mean to know your worth?'

Here is what I have found and am still in the process of realizing. Like the Apostle Paul, I do not profess to know it all (Philippians 3:12-13) but I am testifying to what I have seen and have experienced first hand!

Let's get to it.


Knowing your worth goes beyond what the mirror reflects. It is not in the sway of your hips, it is not in the silkiness of your hair, it is not even in the 'boo thang' you've chosen to be your man or your woman. Your worth is not wrapped up in how many women you've sexed nor in the amount of money or wealth you possess. Your worth Ladies and Gentlemen is in your DNA (Divine Natural Allotment)!

Say what?!

Hold on, hold on, let me explain. Your worth is wrapped up in your DNA, yes Divine Natural Allotment. Meaning, your specific purpose, appointment if you will. We all have one- a purpose that is. When God created each one of us, He gave us something special-- an assignment that only WE (as individuals) could accomplish. Somehow though, we have lost sight of the blessing of our unique purposes. We have begun to let others dictate to us what our own self-worth is. Sadly, most times, they are wrong yet we believe them.

I could tell you that your worth is your pride, your strength, your family and foundation. I could tell you that your worth is your culture. I could tell you that your worth is simply valuing you... but I cannot because it is so much deeper than that. To value yourself you have to know yourself and your purpose in life, at the most basic level- know and BELIEVE that YOU DO HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE.

I challenge you now to take back your understanding of your worth. Seek God and ask Him to show you what you were created to do, I guarantee it will blow your mind. Doubt me? Think on all the greats that we quote today. Sure, they battled with outsiders telling them who they "should" be but when they took back their understanding they became punctuations in this world's history- forcing us to pause or stop and take notice of them and their purpose. So what is yours? What are you worth?

Maya Angelou knew. Martin Luther King knew. Esther (Hadassah) knew. David knew. The greatest of all, Jesus Christ, knew. I am beginning to know. So do YOU know your worth?