Don't Give Up! Look Up!

You've been  praying really hard and trying your best to believe that it will all work out but life seems to have another idea. I know how you feel, its almost as if life is out to get you- doors slamming left and right, rejection confronts you constantly and its hard to believe what you can't see. I get it. I have been there and truthfully, as long as we breathe on earth we will still encounter this cycle time and time again but that's okay!

Personally I've been having struggles like you would not believe, I have cried my tears (nothing 'fair share' about it) and I have prayed. To be clear, I have CONTINUED to pray. The Bible says pray without ceasing, God knew these things would happen so He sent this bit of advice long ago. Think about this logic- ups and downs in life occur on a cycle and cycles are circular without breaks so why shouldn't prayer be the same? Prayer encompasses praise and grief- pray through the grief and send up praise through prayer. Trust me this will keep you going.

There is breakthrough. I could hit you with cliche after cliche about God but I won't do that to you. I will give you the real. God knows everything that we face, have faced and will face- He's not surprised BUT He does want you to come to Him to voice it. Why? Here's why, it shows that you trust Him and believe that He is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He will do. It builds your faith in Him and takes all of the weight off of your shoulders. You can experience joy again. Remember joy? I do, she's with me right now.

I'm praying for you Lovies. Submit your prayer requests if you want me to pray for you or if you don't know how.


Love you all and remember, you matter to God!