Apple a Day

You never know where inspiration will strike. I went to get my laptop checked by Apple- it was acting all funky- and what I left with was more than for what I bargained.

I walked in for my appointment, they checked my name off of one of their iPads and seated me on one of those circulation cutting high stools at the Genius Bar. I waited.

An older, Indian, gentleman came to greet me and bring me over to his work section. His name- Kiran. Whilst running the usual battery of tests to figure out my laptop's diagnosis, he noticed my screen's wallpaper- Lovies, you know it all too well- the banner that states:

I Am Just a Girl with Something to Say.

Well, Sir Kiran was not feeling my tag line at all, nope! He asked me this question:

Why 'just a girl with something to say?' You have A LOT to say, you should change that.

Needless to say, Mr. Kiran blew my mind. I was proud to have met him and know that, there standing before me was a man that had taken on the task of making sure that women and girls are AWARE of their value, both within themselves and to the world- period.

Thank you Sir Kiran. Your advice has been noted.