Where should I begin? I'm not sure I would call this a "Natural Hair Journey" rather a "Self-Love Journey".

I never liked my natural hair as a little girl, I did not even like my skin color-- I was told I was dark. I've always been literal, so I knew that being in the dark was a scary thing and not as good as being in the light; in addition lighter complexioned or fair skinned people I observed were treated so much better not excluding affections. Yes, the boys crushed on the "light skinned" girls they called "mellow yellow" while I was called "burned". Adding what felt like insult to injury, my hair was not straight like theirs (relaxers or naturally straight, it didn't matter) and I wanted it to be. At least then one part of me would be liked. Can you see how SAD this was/is ? I begged for the relaxer, I got it, it did the trick UNTIL my hair began to fall out! I tried three more times trying to find the best chemical alteration for my hair, which now sounds ridiculous (no offense to those who do well with chemical processes). I realized chemicals hated me, almost as much as I had hated myself. Let me be clear, there is no bashing here towards anyone who chemically processes their hair- Rock it Girl! All I am saying is that I have learned that whatever we do concerning beautifying ourselves MUST NOT come from hating any part of ourselves so much that we change it to what others think is better. If you are like me, the wiser me, and you simply get bored and like changing up your style-- Go ahead, let no one stop you! Long and pin straight, curly, short, pink, blue, bald? Rock out!

Now that we've straightened that out you may be wondering how I got to where I am today...

After one final forced hair chop to cut out the relaxer, texturizer, etc. I got my hair braided. Fast forward, I spent all of my college career with no chemical alterations to my hair- just braids and puffy short and spiky ponytails. Then I decided to let my Aunt twist my hair. She did a great job but I still hated it because I was used to having hair, now there was nothing touching my neck, blowing in the wind, nothing to toss back; I was  back to where I first began "unlovable". I knew this was an issue that had NO TRUTH to it so I had to make sure that I learned to love me. Graduation came and so did the job hunting, I pursued the legal/corporate world and sought advice from some one I expected to tell me the truth. She told me her truth, sadly it was warped and I found out too late. I was told to get a relaxer, if I didn't I would never make it. SAY WHAT?!!!! I got the job, no thanks to the relaxer, God did that! Anyhoo, I began working there and saw soooo many natural hair, big hair women proudly and powerfully maneuvering through our legal system. They yelled at me for listening to the misguided, so what did I do? I chopped it off again and this time for good! (It damaged my hair and broke off sections, whole clumps came out in my hand)

What you see below is a woman who found love, love of herself-- her beautiful milk chocolate three textured hair self!

*NOTE: Pictures of my hair straightened are the result of a hot comb and flat iron. I put heat in my hair once or twice a year.*

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ACV Wash- Fabulous Find! (meaning I just found out about it ha!)

This is for anyone who, like myself, likes to protective style their hair but has had allergic reactions to additional hair (synthetic or human but not grown from your own scalp). This is NOW my Step 1 when I am installing hair add-ons!

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