Most Amazing!

This morning while I was driving I heard the most amazing story I have heard in a long time on the radio (KLOVE)...

This woman's grandfather was sick and laid up in the hospital, his birthday came but she hadn't called him. Instead she waited a while so that she could include some photos of her children and a message about her Savior, Jesus Christ along with his birthday greeting. She mailed it out and the very next day she received the call saying that he had passed away. She was so sad that he never got to read her letter.

At least that is what she thought... in fact he had gotten to read her letter. He received it in the hospital the same day that she sent it! That doesn't sound like a mind blowing miracle to you? Okay, maybe the details will help you. She dropped it in the mailbox (no special delivery requested) in the morning IN PENNSYLVANIA and that afternoon IN ARIZONA her grandfather was reading the letter! I don't know about you but it takes days for me to receive mail from people a few counties away from me in the same state. So yeah, God did that postal miracle from Pennsylvania to Arizona before it was too late.


I just wanted to share this with you all, the amazingness of God is mind blowing to me.