Epiphany: The Mask Came Off

I attended a women's conference this past weekend where the theme was "Take Off the Mask". I went with no particular expectation, just to be there and hear some thing new. So what happened?

I was caught off guard! The speaker was Apostle Cheryl Rose, a hilarious woman of God! Her delivery was generously infused with her quirky personality and mix of life experience. There was so much realness in the room it was overwhelming and eye opening. I still can't find the words to express the change that happened in me IMMEDIATELY after I was prayed over, so I'll share my notes:

 "The Masquerade is Over: Day 2

Apostle Cheryl Rose

Own your mess so you can give it to God so you can be healed and changed! 

God created me to look like Him so instead of running away from the person that rubs me wrong, ask The Lord for introspection.

I am NOT entitled to judge anyone. It is for me to embrace and help them get their healing.

I do not need to impress anyone, I am who God says I am! God CANNOT be impressed so why try to impress anyone else. Let God do the impressing through us, impressing upon them the love of God.

Jeremiah 1:4-8

God said it, that settles it! Forget that "God said it, I believe it that settles it" because if God said it it really doesn't matter whether you believe it or not! 

Whatever God says I can do-- I CAN DO because it is in HIS strength NOT mine.

When I do not say yes to God right away I am second guessing His wisdom.

"No one can deny you your destiny but you can throw it away if you are moved by others with their negativity."

I am NOT here to please anyone but GOD! (Note to self: Get a grip Crystal) and I MUST STOP trying to get people to please me! 

"You have the perfect personality but your character needs development."

Personality comes from God but character comes from what you do with it.

Don't put down anyone's personality, help them improve their character.

You have the perfect physical appearance! Don't let your physical appearance hold you back or make you late for worship to God! Stop trying to be perfect in your own strength! When you try to change your physical appearance you insult God (example, plastic surgery).

My healing is not just for me, it is for the future generation.

Your height is just right! Embrace your munchkinness! If you're tall don't cut yourself off at the knees. 

Parents, do not try to live your dreams through your children.

Your gifts and your talents are perfect!

*I will no longer get caught up in what people think of me. I will let the talents and gifts that God gave me flow.*

If we are not content with ourselves don't expect others to be either.

My substitution is NOT good enough! Don't tell God no and have Him have to use a 'me' substitute.

Looking for acceptance from others sets me up for abuse.

1 Peter 2:9-10

When you do not know who you are it blinds you to the identity of others. When you're comfortable with yourself you are comfortable with  and in the midst of anyone. 

I am more than enough. I will be who I am. I will just live. Who and what is for me will be drawn to me." 




I encourage you to examine yourself too. Let's grow and be free!

Love you all.