What's In a Name?


It scared me to hear a young girl, age 12, say that she DID NOT WANT TO STAND OUT AND BE UNIQUE. 

What was the reason for this exclamation? She does not like her name. Her name is uncommon amongst her peers and anyone else that she knows. 

Me without knowing if her name was of her parents' creation or a name with deep roots.

I encouraged her to embrace her uniqueness- citing notable UNIQUE women who've made irrefutable change and history in this world because of their one of a kind stand out -ness! 

Most recently and age suitable (who a 12 year old would be somewhat familiar) ... Maya Angelou! 

Later, I just had to look up her name and it turns out that her name bears heavy weight and deep roots. She MUST know the importance she embodies by bearing this name.

When I saw her again later I told her what her name meant. She didn't believe me until I assured her that I did a little research.

It did my heart well to hear her say "Well, I didn't know that. I like it a little more now." 

Name your children wisely. The name you give them greatly shapes who they become.