He Chose Me

As you know, my faith is very important to me- it is who I am. Some days ago I had such an amazing eureka moment. I was truly blown away.

I was in my car driving on the highway and it hit me! God had chosen me- He did not have to but He did. I was 4 years old when I received eternal salvation (if you have questions about what I mean there, you can e-mail me anytime- I will answer) but it was as I grew up that I began to understand just the surface of the depth of what His saving me meant. I thought I already understood what being "chosen" meant but I found out on that New York State highway that I had truly never totally understood.

I hope I haven't lost you, if I have, let me bring you back. It came to me so clearly as I drove that God had chosen me but His choosing me was not only for specific purposes or plans. He had chosen me because He loved me and still does. I was a thought on His mind before He created this world- before there were planets or galaxies or air! He chose me to love me, to save me from eternal doom. No, no I am not going all morbid on you. I am just being real with you. There is more after life on earth. God had chosen me despite me. There was, is and never will be anything I can ever do to earn God's love or salvation- it is a gift from Him. He literally gives us the gift of LIFE (Ephesians 2:8-9).

So what do I do now? What's my move? I'm going to use His gift. This LIFE that I have been given will be used to glorify God and to impact this world in an amazing way that will uplift humanity. I have been chosen. The great thing about God's choosing is that He has not stopped, it is not over. Are you called? Have you been chosen? What are you waiting for? Act. Do. Live on Purpose. Fulfill the call.