I parked the car. I stepped out and headed for the backseat, I needed to get some bags out; it was then that I noticed the shattered glass. What caught me was its beauty. It was deep blue, it was sparkling and it was in thousands of pieces-- it was a broken bottle.

This made me think of the many times in life that we feel we are a mess we say things like "my life is in shambles" or "I've reached rock bottom." It is at these moments that we lose sight of the beauty and the brilliance that God created us with, just because our circumstance is different or has changed into something undesirable- it does not mean that we cannot shine. It does not mean that we have lost our brilliance. It does not mean that we no longer have purpose!

That broken bottle's pieces may be many but each piece still holds its brilliance, it's shine and it's worth. You are like that broken bottle but there is a difference with you- your pieces can be put back together. You can be made whole! God can heal you, He can take those broken pieces and make something beautiful. If you don't believe me just look at my life. You can ask me how and I'll tell you. 

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Shattered but brilliant  

Shattered but brilliant