Phoenix Rising

My biggest problem was thinking I was perfect. I thought I had life for me figured out. I knew I was smart and capable. Things came to me easily, I admit I got lazy. 

That was the first of my downfall.  

One of the most humbling things is to be confronted with your imperfections- the ones you thought were mastered. Being critiqued and rejected. Starting from the drawing board over and over again, being forced to recognize and admit that you are nowhere near where you thought you would be or would like to be. 

I promised you all complete honesty- I have had my moments of doubts and questions. My method for overcoming them and finding the will to go on and conquer comes from having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Having Him to turn to and freak out to when things seem to be spiraling out of my control really centers me. When I'm centered- grounded- my mind becomes clear and I can see room for improvement and growth.  

Truth is, if I were perfect I would have nothing to reach for and there would be no room for growth. That's just boring and unfulfilling. I, like you, have been created to be and do great things in this world. 

While disappointments and criticisms- reality- demolish our image of our perfect selves they still give us the opportunity to be Phoenixes!  


Rise from the ashes and soar Lovies!