The Lie of "Self-Made"

Self-made millionaire. Self-made business professional. Self-made this and self-made that, you see it everywhere because the lure of being able to be rich on your own sells! However, there is deception in that. 

Self-made means putting in to action your ideas and plans to achieve personal professional or business goals. Somehow this term became synonymous with not needing another soul/person to make any of it possible. That is ridiculous! Even the wealthiest of the world need people and things (shaped by people caused phenomena) to allow for their success. The very act of planning involves taking in to consideration the actions of others (the stock market is dependent on people, so that means so are investors)- what will effect you for good and/or bad.

Don't misunderstand what is being said, you can indeed become successful by using your own gifts, talents and hard work, however, acknowledging the fact that your interaction with people (by whichever means you choose) is necessary for such success. No business blooms without investors, consumers or staff, even if it is a staff of one- you plus investor (bank or not) plus consumer or fan base- it all equals a network. To quote John Donne,

"No man is an island, entire of itself..."

The point is this, don't keep thinking you're all you have just because you've been let down by those you expected to support your vision or dream. Don't cut everyone off or assume that the most successful people "made it" on their own without help while you are struggling to just not drown. You are not a failure, you have just been shown part of the story, the truth is everyone has help. Sure sometimes your help comes from strangers, investors outside of your circle, etc. The key is to research your market, find your network and then utilize everything at your disposal (sometimes things are not at your disposal but they are at someone else's, so network and use those connections). Don't be discouraged. 

Success is not self-made it is network-made- believe the hype!