Same-Sex Marriage in the Church?

Okay, so I know everyone is buzzing with the news and trial of Rev. Frank Schaefer. I will make this short.

Same-sex marriage is wrong in the sight of God. I've listened to the Schaefers being interviewed and what I've noticed is that nothing was said concerning the Word of God and why God Himself says it is wrong. This is not about the other things that are not acceptable in God's eyes, so let's focus on the subject at hand- same-sex relations and marriages.

For way too long people have taken this issue to one of two horrifically WRONG EXTREMES. 1) Hatred toward homosexuals and the entire LGBT community or 2) full acceptance because we are too afraid to voice what the Word of God says for fear of getting backlash.

Neither is the right position. I love homosexuals! Yes, you read that correctly. I love homosexuals just as a I love those who persecute me, just as I love those who love me. Why? Because Jesus Christ loves them too and because of this love I will forever voice what God says on all these matters. God says homosexuality is wrong, so my view is that it is wrong. It is not about people coming to terms with the "times" as Schaefer says, it is about standing firm on what God says. Schaefer's simple statement of saying that we are "behind the times" is in fact telling God that God is out of date and out of touch with humanity and the times we are living in. This is blasphemy!

Frank Schaefer, has misspoken, God does not create for the purpose of condemnation. Therefore, one cannot be born homosexual but we are all born heterosexual (going back to first creations and then again when the world was re-populated God gave the command to be fruitful. God is no saboteur).

Let me say this, hatred, abuse and/or shunning of homosexuals and the entire LGBT community is wrong! It is evil in its very nature. No one deserves that kind of treatment, it is unacceptable. While I do not support their lifestyles, and that is no hidden fact, I love them with the love of Christ. I hate having to write this and use the word "them" but for the sake of this piece I have to for clarity.

My word of caution to anyone who declares Christ Jesus, is this:

Study the Word of God without personal bias. Fact is fact, that's universal. Do not change the Word of God to suit you or your circumstances. Do not turn away those who come to you, show them what you believe based on the Word of God without bias. Welcome with open arms as Christ did but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT CHANGE biblical standard to please yourself nor anyone else. Finally, love. If you are unsure on how to do all of this, ask the Lord to show you how. Keep in mind that disagreeing does not mean hatred.

Scripture References:

Genesis 1:28; 9:1 (Be fruitful and multiply)

Luke 21:33; Isaiah 55:11 (God's word is solid and true)

Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (God says about homosexuality)

1 Corinthians 13  (Love)

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