20130719-013238.jpg Epiphany moment! Tonight I had an incredible epiphany. It was a meeting of my peers, all women gathered for prayer and sharing. Then it dawned on me... It is incredibly important to be surrounded by people who share similar views on life.

I know, I know some of you have realized that a long time ago (what can I say, I bloomed later than you haha). However, here's the point:

People who share similar views on life and all it encompasses make great support systems. Whether it be business partnerships, educational pursuits, advisories or any other type of relationship- there is a MAJOR benefit factor for all parties involved! Don't misunderstand me, I am NOT saying "like minded" in the sense of thinking the same thoughts. Thinking the same thoughts does not foster a magnetizing relationship. What in the world do I mean by magnetizing relationship? Simply put, it is who you are attracting to your life; and are they drawing you in as well? If it is one-sided then more than likely one of the two is a leech (one who attaches and feeds on the host). No one needs a leech attachment, this person feeds on your ideas, talents and sometimes emotionally drains you! They benefit the relationship in no way. Beware of the leech.


You do, however, want the person who is similar to you in relation to end result goals and overall life views. This person should be opposite in their magnetism (something other than obvious similarities MUST attract you to them). What can they bring to the table? How well could your opposites mesh together to create a powerhouse partnership, friendship, romantic relationship, etc.?

Questions: Are you "attractive"? Are you the host? The leech? Who are you attracted to?