Get Out of Your Own Way!

Close your eyes and think about the answer to this question, “Who Are You?”

Okay, now that your eyes are opened again what is your answer? Hopefully, you have already realized that you are great! If you have not yet come to know what many around you already know, let’s tackle some reasons why that may be so. There are three common reasons that hold us back from recognizing our potentials—and unfortunately, at times, completely blocks advancement:

1.    Time Capsule Memory

2.    Current Situation: Complicated

3.    Confusion Maze

The first reason we often have trouble envisioning who we truly are- or who we can grow to become- is Time Capsule Memory. Time capsule memory is the constant reminder of your past, what you used to do but wish you never did. It also involves past abuse of any type; who or what other people said you were and would always be. These are the time capsuled memories that you have somehow held on to, they play in your mind every time you make progress toward what is good, they pull you back to where you do not need to be. We have all had experiences with these types of memories but the key to breaking free from them lies in the old adage “Truth will make you free.” Truth, simple and clean.

Here’s how to break free:

  • Write down who you envisioned you are, yes, all of the bad and negative thoughts. 
  • Go look into a mirror. Stare at yourself; look into your own eyes.
  • Look at the paper you wrote everything on and make all negative statements positive ones by adding the words “I AM NOT” to the beginning of each line.
  • Read them out loud. [i.e. I AM NOT a failure.]

There it is- you just flipped the script on your own mind! The mirror plays an important role in this because it allows you to look into your own eyes. When someone has something definitive to tell you, they look into your eyes. There is a connection that happens and your mind tells you that what is being said must be true because there is eye contact. When you look at your reflection, staring into your own eyes, and positively affirm YOU- you are telling yourself “this is definite truth”.

As you can see words are powerful. They have the power to imprison and they have the power to break free. Recite your positive self-affirmations every morning and every night for a week and see how your perspective changes. Try it!

Another reason we have trouble imagining what and who we can become- visionaries and game changers- is that we may be trapped in the thought of our present circumstance(s). The Current Situation: Complicated reason is one that encompasses our present mental state. We think about it all of the time- what is not available to us, where we live, who raised us (in some cases, who did not raise us); and the ever-popular, lack of finances. These are legitimate circumstances to consider but that is it- just consider them do not be bound by them. Use them as a spring board- make them your motivation.

Living on the basis of your past is no good; neither is dwelling on the misfortunes of your present. Learning to dream is step one. If you begin dreaming of a better life circumstance, hope begins to form and where there is hope there is potential for action. Do you see where I’m going? Potential for action is like fuel; it pushes you to think more about possibilities and how to make those possibilities realities. Think past your now.

Step two, after learning to dream, is developing a plan. Sit and map out what it is you enjoy doing or what you are undeniably great at doing. Research it, do you need to improve or have you already improved it? Write it down in detail. Learn how to market your creativity (write this in detail too). Someone out there will always want what you can do- show the world and be bold about it!

Now, we have come to the third reason listed, the Confusion Maze. The confusion maze is not necessarily a difficult thing to navigate out of, if you lay the course. Unlike the reasons stated before, this reason lies in not knowing or understanding your next move. You have to treat your problem like a game of chess- strategize baby!

It is all about strategy. I alluded to this in part two where I mentioned having a plan. Research helps a great deal in building strategy. You will certainly have to invest in a notebook and planner. After the research is done, organize what you have found and pick out what is key to you (and a few back ups too). Write these things in your notebook in individual sections so that you can be detailed, organized and deliberate about your next move. Set due dates for yourself and work at it with zeal!

People will discourage you, they will remind you of your past or your present but what they can never do is dictate your future if you do not let them.

You are needed in this world; your legacy is depending on you. Go, be great!