August 4, 2014| 4 Signs To End A Toxic Relationship

Okay, I get it. Feeling lonely sucks! However, if the decision to stick with some one who treats you horribly or at the very least, does not treat you the way you should be treated (not everyone gets waited on and I understand that)- YOU HAVE MADE THE WRONG DECISION.

This goes for both sides, male and female. In THIS instance I am not referring to physical abuse (that is a beast I have spoken of previously). No, this time it is all about emotional and verbal abuse. Here are four outright signs that we often ignore but should actually take heed of and end a toxic relationship:

1) You are constantly made fun of or belittled by your girlfriend/boyfriend in front of others (and privately).

Cracking jokes on each other is cute and silly at times but non-stop is unacceptable especially when it begins to offend you. If you speak up but you're feelings get ignored on the matter, reconsider this relationship.

2) You receive the most affection when a favor is needed or money needs to be borrowed.

We love doing things for our loved one but if the person you love (and they claim to love you too) only is affectionate toward you when they need you to do something for them... Open your eyes, you are a tool for use and not a person they love and respect. Reconsider this relationship.

3) They cheat on you repeatedly.

Regardless of the misguided advice you hear and read, THAT IS NOT how the world works. It is not commonplace and it is not acceptable. What makes infidelity acceptable is the acceptance of it from the victim. If you began to believe that you are not enough or good enough then you have begun to believe the lies you're fed. Is the worry of STDs and sleepless nights worth your sanity, health and happiness? Reconsider this relationship.

4) You think life is not worth living without them.

I cannot stress this enough. Your LIFE DID NOT begin with their existence, so it certainly WILL NOT END without them. If you have thought about committing suicide because the thought of living without them is too much... First stop, feel your pulse- it is still pulsating right? That means life goes on without them with you. This person has allowed you to go on believing that you need them to survive, they've brainwashed you to believe that they are more than you. They are not. Please, please, please find someone to talk to about your emotions and thoughts and then END THAT RELATIONSHIP.



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