Police Interaction

This is a question that never seems to have an answer everyone is pleased with. On one hand the given response is:

The police don't do anything for us. They don't protect us, they only profile us. Why should I respect the "pigs" when they don't respect me? I don't trust them, they're all dirty! I'm afraid of the cops.

Understandable based on facts of numerous police brutality cases and claims- not forgetting our most recent tragic deaths- Eric Gardner and Mike Brown or even Amadou Diallo in 1999.

Now, on the other hand, the given response is:

They are just doing their job, if they approach you then you must have been doing what you weren't supposed to. Just do anything they say to do and you will be fine. The police don't bother you if you don't look suspicious. What about all the good they do, where's the credit for that? It is all justifiable, it is their job, resisting makes it your fault.


Personally, I've heard and read all of these responses/arguments. Do I agree with all? Absolutely not. Truth and Right win out when it comes to my opinions on matters.

Yes, the police are to protect and serve. Yes, there are some absolutely down right despicable low-life officers out there that are NOT fit to wear the badge. No, they are not all dirty. No, everything they do IS NOT rightly justifiable, some things are lawless- period! No, I do not fear the police and neither should you despite all that is happening. Honestly, I have no quick solution to take away your fears though.

Yes, I respect police and law enforcement officials, I do however lose respect for those who warrant demotion of my respect. Respect, in my opinion IS NOT earned but it can be lost.

It all boils down to the individual and the authority over them when it comes to reprimanding misconduct and what SHOULD be deemed misconduct. If government continues to allow reckless endangerment of its citizens through mindless abusive acts of hired enforcement personnel then our problem not only lies with local departments but with politicians and law makers. Blind eyes have led to nothing but unnecessary criminal records and coffins one too many.


My final thought on the matter is this:

There are many horrible policemen and women out there but there are more good ones that are busy trying to make up for where their brother/sister has dropped the ball. Respect those, cooperate with those. Speak out against what is wrong, but do it wisely, don't give the bad cops a reason to justify their abuse of power. Learn your rights and ask questions to make sure you understand them, do not use them to incite an officer to act toward you.


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