Awareness Month

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Two very separate but equally life altering- some cases, life ending- circumstances. Whether your life has been touched by this despicable thing we know as cancer or by domestic violence, let us get the word out! Let's talk about the signs and preventive measures. In the case of violence, prevention is recognizing the subtle signs, the things we brush off because we're in love-- the things we defend or the things we think are our fault.

Let's help some one who is looking for help... if you are a survivor, current victim, counselor, witness, aide please comment below with helpful resources or words of encouragement (you can also ask questions- we will answer you). Don't worry you can comment without your name or with a made a up name. is here for you, help me help you.

God made you to be more, YOU ARE MORE! This is momentary, there is hope. You are not hopeless. I see a survivor in you, it is time you see them too. I love you Lovies and I pray for you!


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