You Don't Belong

If you are upset about the title of this post, I'm glad I've gotten your attention. We have a community problem and the community is universal. If we have been trained to or are still training our children that "belonging" is important- then we have failed!

Too many times in schools and other social encounters children and adults are learning and adapting to norms- good and bad. Good norms are the morally correct- the upright rules and values we should all live by. We know them: stealing, murder, sexual assault, lying and abuse are all wrong, etcetera . However, the problem I am speaking of is that of the fight to just belong or fit in and the shaming that comes whenever one just cannot. The question I pose to you is this:

  • Why is fitting in something of value?

Have you noticed the most iconic of historical figures went completely opposite of the fitting in model we currently employ? Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo or most importantly and undoubtedly the most renown- Jesus Christ. During Jesus Christ's time on earth He purposefully was the opposite of all the world had known and because of His life the world has been changed. Like them, love them or hate them the opinion of the masses were no deterrent to who they were nor to what they would accomplish to open the eyes and minds of the people of this world. They stuck out like sore thumbs!

Today though, well, we stand out by imitating some one we view as unique. There's the irony. There's nothing wrong in being inspired but how that inspiration is used by the individual is the key. Whether you were born a twin, triplet or more- you are STILL AN INDIVIDUAL WITH A SOUL TO MATCH. Use your individuality to be you, be different and be proud. So what if you're "weird" to others, one day there will be a book about YOU so make this life a great one.

YOU DO NOT BELONG! Embrace this fact, it is not a negative one. We were all born to serve specific purposes, don't forfeit yours because you think it would be better to copy someone else's.

What is your view? Comment below.


Things to think about:

  1. One of the reasons youth join gangs, both genders, is for a sense of belonging somewhere. A sense of family where they feel accepted for who they are because no one else seems to accept them.
  2. Promiscuity, under the guise of sexual liberty in rebellion to common acceptance, often has deep roots of emotional and insecure inadequate feelings.
  3. The cure for bullying is not teaching a child to abandon who they are to fit in just to make the bullying stop.