The Importance of Praying Friends

Life is hard. There really is no other need for words after that statement; we all know that it is. We face various trials, tests, challenges- whatever you want to call them and it is extra hard when you feel like you’re alone. However, the difference is made when you have a friend or group of friends who pray for you and/or with you.

I can attest to this. One of my recent posts discussed my public breakdown and I can tell you that I only survived it through prayer. I prayed for myself and my friends and family prayed for me. There is not any single person that does not benefit from the blessing of prayer- no one.

Here are 3 major benefits to having friends that pray (if you don’t already have these friends, go and get you some):

1.       Silent Support

This type of support is invaluable, it allows you to talk or sit in silence together. Usually in moments like these, people who desire to help you feel lost for words or don’t know what else to do for you but with a praying friend, they are not completely helpless- they can pray for you silently. In moments of sadness, fear or other life disturbances they have got you covered.

2.       Confidential Source

Today you never know who you can trust, but if you have a praying friend that has already passed the friend test, you can confide in that person. Having a confidant that prays is so clutch! I can recall numerous times that I needed prayer on sensitive and private matters and being able to send that quick text saying “I need you to pray about…” and then reading ‘got it’- let me tell you, Olivia Pope has nothing on a praying friend. It’s handled!

3.       Mind at Ease

After having a full on emotional breakdown finally turning to that friend that prays to unburden is like letting go of the weight that anchored you to the ground. Friends like these help you to float on air, they shoulder the burden all the way to God and then drop it off so you both can be free! Sounds like a fairy tale? Nope, it is all true and I am a living witness on both ends- I have those friends and I am that friend.

Run through your circle, do you have at least one friend that fits this bill? If not, you need to go out and get you one and while you are doing that, go ahead and become that friend as well.


xoxo Lovies,