Love the Rainbow

With tensions so high regarding race relations it is amazing that some still think that racism is a thing of the past. I really would like to know what rock they have been hiding under, because after this most recent election- I too, would like sanctuary under that rock. Clearly it hides ugly truths so one can live blissfully unaware.

That being said, additional stigma has come to those who date outside of their race. For the purpose of this blog I will refer mainly to my area of expertise- Africans and African descendants that date or marry outside of our race. By stigmatizing aren’t we doing the same thing that was done to us? It is neither racism nor reverse racism but it is still horrible. Africans and African descendants who are in interracial relationships tend to be called “sell outs”, “cooners” or other insults. The question is why? Is not the point of fighting racism to show that we are all human and deserving of the same respect? No one is better than the other, yes certain sets of people have talents and abilities that other groups do not possess or have to work extra hard to attempt- this is true for all groups of people its call difference.

Personally, I advocate for the learning of various cultures for the purposes of knowing about them and being able to connect or converse with others outside of your immediate culture and surroundings. This is life. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no pure race so what are we really fighting for? It is one thing to be upset that someone did not choose you to be their lover and you’re a little jealous BUT to be mad that the person selected is outside of your race is ridiculous! I implore both sides of that prejudiced coin, get over yourself. You really do not know what you are missing by shutting people out. Skittles has a great motto- “Taste the Rainbow.” I concur and have made it mine as well.

I could go on but you get the point- criticizing others for dating outside of their race is stupid and hurtful, it hurts the person you insult, the person they are with and the generation as a whole. When you perpetuate such negativity the children and teens coming up and shaping the next set of decades learn it, hone it and spread it- it is toxic. With all of the “Stay Woke” slogans going around how did so many fall asleep on this obviousness?

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