A Beautiful Thing

It truly is a beautiful thing to watch those you've mentored, loved and nurtured-- grow up!

Graduation season is here. People are moving up or graduating all around the country. As we see our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram posts, and (the list goes on), we are forced to realize that things must change. Change is inevitable, it is a certain ever moving force that propels us in to some thing we must face or else run away from but either way, it comes!


As I attend moving up ceremonies for the little ones I've once babysat, a moment of "Momma Bear" pride warms my heart. As they receive their gifts, awards and praises their eyes search for you- their cheering corner- and when they find you their smile is a mile wide. Tell me that does not make you think "Those nights of no sleep, reinforced discipline and forfeited nights out on the town were worth it!"

None of them are my children but in some way they're all my babies, my mentees. Middle school, high school, college... the work is not over. It is a great opportunity I have been blessed with, helping shape the lives of our future, yes I would say that is a noble blessing.

Be encouraged, the work you are doing to invest in our youth for the improvement of self and society will pay off!