Keep Pushing

The things that you want the most often seem to be the things hardest to get. Disappointments come in the form of shattering heartbreak but when you look back, ask yourself "Did I really break?" More than likely you did not.

Don't think this is cliche but truly not every denial is a negative thing- the job you did not get spared you from needless headache and may just have opened you up for something way better (way better is not always more $$$, it can also be more JOY & PEACE). The relationship that ended spared you from something and someone you did not need because it was no good for your overall well-being. There are so many things that God is protecting you from, even the things you think you want or need. You are blessed, once you believe that your perspective will change for the better.

Count your blessings. Ask God to show you blessings that you did not even know were there in the first place. Today blew my mind and God had been dropping hints since this past Sunday. Now I am sitting here just kool-aid smiling on a Tuesday! You can too.

Wait. Count your blessings. Ask for vision. Trust His process. Push on!


Love you lots Lovies and Lovelies,