I'm Turning What????!

20130912-221755.jpg It's a bit early but it dawned on me that my birthday is FAST approaching! Before I know it, I'll be (muffles mouth) !$@;t%* years old... Ehem, I mean young!

I've always said that I'd be that woman who proudly states her age even at 100- I still stand by that statement buuut by nature I've come to an age of evaluation. I find myself sitting and thinking about my accomplishments, dreams I thought would come true by now- some have changed and others replaced. I'm a woman so I can't help but think about whether I will have children or not. Marriage? Haha! Wait, was that out loud? Oh well, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

I ask myself sometimes "have you done all you've wanted?" It would be nice if I got an answer but the silence tells me that I've stressed for no apparent reason! My life has just begun! I was tripping all the way out. I have time as long as God gives me breath. So dreams and visions will become true!

All the rest, like a husband and babies, well, let's wait and see shall we? I'm in no rush. Until then, like my mother says [insert Caribbean accent here] "free paper not burn!" (Meaning: I do not have any life changing responsibilities.) ;)

Now back to your regularly scheduled program...