Stop the THOT Madness!!!

We've heard the term "THOT" (that hoe over there) all over the place now. Thanks Chief Keef *insert all forms of sarcasm* Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, EVERYWHERE has been invaded by the term THOT. What happened to good ol' whore? Wait, no let me explain.

Whore, slut, hoe, tramp, skank, trick, side-chick, other woman, loose, wutless (worthless)- the Caribbean pronunciation, and now we have THOT. OH LIFE! What is life when we are so eager to creatively come up with new terms to describe promiscuous people- it is not just women but men too. This used to be a touchy subject filled with shame and active effort to NOT do the things that would name you any of those names above. Now? Its a pass time, a craft women and men strive to perfect, youth take the names as titles and use them as terms of endearment. There are songs about this and I would not be surprised if there are dances for it too. If it were an Olympic sport I bet there would be numerous people clamoring to qualify and "Go for Gold", oh no wait... There is a world record of some sort for this type of nastiness that I saw in the news some years ago (I will not tell you where to find it).

Let me give you some advice:

*Men, I will start with you, call me on it if you want to. Please stop thinking that it is cool or manly to "bag", "bang", "hook up" or "do" a woman- it is not. A real man will tell you the truth of this matter, I am not a man so I will leave room for a noble man to comment and put you on to TRUE MANLINESS. What I will say is this-- take a look at the terminology used for sex with a woman, she is an object to which you 'bang' on, place in your 'bag', 'hook' to who knows what or simply 'do'. All of these terms have stripped a girl/woman of her humanness, why? (Women, we will discuss this later.) Fellas tell me, was your mother banged? done? bagged? hooked up with? Was your grandmother? your daughter? sister? Would you like them to be? Think on that and get back to me.

*Women, women, women. STOP IT! It is not a liberal moment nor a liberating thing to "freely explore your sexuality", do you know who came up with that thousands of years ago? A person who fed into a lie by some one who was confused, the result- A MESS! A sexual mess. AIDS, HIV, STDs, rampant promiscuity, lack of security and most definitely a loss of self-worth and confidence. The confidence that is being shouted about in 'promiscuous freedom' is not really confidence at all it is misguided.

Girl, I'm really not trying to sound like your high school health instructor, I'm just here to tell you the truth. If you haven't seen his video Google him, he calls himself the "AIDS Man" and his goal is to infect as many people as he can BECAUSE they have this warped train of thought and are supporters of sexual freedom- anywhere, anytime, anyhow and with anyone. AIDS spreads greatly with promiscuity. Ladies, you are not too young or too old to hear this, sweet words, gifts, and unsupported promises from a man ARE NOT reasons to have sex with him (young men that goes for you too, Cougars will get you that way).

It is not cute to promote yourself as THE BEST TWERKER or that you could "take her man" if you wanted to. Newsflash, he does not care about you either and the joke is on you. If you like that Chief Keef song so much listen to his last line, shucks the TITLE SAYS IT ALL!

I will take it one step further... "Insecure girls want attention, secure women naturally command respect." Quote that!

*Men and Women (teens included). We need to respect ourselves enough to not be a joke because right now with this behavior "joke" is all that people see. The laughter stops when the doctor walks in with a diagnosis. The laughter stops when the pregnancy begins. The laughter stops when the baby is born and you're all alone. The laughter stops. Period.

Men are fictitiously praised for these acts while women are crowned with "thot", "slut", "whore", etc. I am going to say something that may be controversial- women, you allow it! It has been said over and over again, you have the power to say no but when you actively say yes to being promiscuous (doing all types of sexual acts, yes oral included) you are saying "It is okay for you to see me this way. I want this attention." While on the other end, boys are being trained to NOT love, marry or start a family with this "type" of woman. It truly is a sad state of affairs. Who do I blame? Both parties are guilty, we know too much to do so little.


Get at me... Comment, I want to hear you.