Valentine’s Day Approaches: A Single Girl’s Survival Guide

If you’re single- whether it is by choice, a recent break up or you’re dating but do not have anyone that is ‘Valentine’ worthy- this guide is for you! Here are FIVE V-Day ideas you can use:




DO NOT buy yourself chocolates and flowers. Why? Because it is inevitable that you will begin to think about the fact that you “had” to buy it for yourself instead of receiving it as a gift.


Instead: make plans for that night with friends, guys and girls that are single… Or you can go outside of the box and throw a Valentine’s Day party and invite EVERYBODY! Good music, food and friends- it won’t even matter that you’re not a “couple” or that couples are there and in love, you’ll be too busy shaking it on the dance floor (living room floor? Haha whichever one you have).




Volunteer at a shelter, pantry or some other organization where the people really need to feel loved, especially on Valentine’s Day.




Say yes to that date with the nice guy who has been trying to have lunch with you for the longest while. Do not go expecting storybook or RomCom (romantic comedy) romance, be easy going.  You might just enjoy his company ;)




Make it a Girl’s Night with one rule: No Relationship Talk (past, present [you know those—“it’s complicated” ones] or future). Do whatever you want!




*This might be my favorite one.* Take a trip! This may need some prior planning to make it an epic weekend, if you and a couple of your friends are up for it, wing it and head to Vegas baby!

Not into Vegas? That’s cool, hit Mexico or Puerto Rico—great extended weekend trips close enough to home. Sand, a piña colada and a fly bathing suit… YES please! Before you go anywhere, check for your accessory must haves, don’t leave home without them.


If you have more ideas for single girls looking to have a great February 14th comment below.


Later Lovies!