Question: Would You Let Your Man Go to the Strip Club?

I am so curious about this. I've heard and seen women say yes and some times they accompany their man. I'm still baffled as to why this is 'cool' (haha- no, seriously). This is something I cannot and will not do nor will I accept it. Don't tell me its harmless.

To be clear I am referring to men and women who are dating, in committed relationships or married. What purpose is the strip club really serving in the relationship? Especially marriage. Is it getting dull? You can purchase a pole online and install it at home, I'm just saying; marriage isn't boring.

Those dating or in committed relationships how boring has your time together gotten? It isn't a matter of needing to see some one half-naked or fully naked covered in glitter or worse yet, taken to VIP-- the things that go on in that back room (don't take a black light if you can't handle the results). So what is it?

Me, as a lady myself, I don't get the hype of a man shaking his anything in my face. I don't know you and I really don't want you touching me, let alone your "equipment". I've gone once years ago and it solidified my "Eww gross!" feelings and thought. How was anyone enjoying being smacked in the face with-- (nevermind).

The question here is guys and girls, would you not mind your significant other frequenting strip clubs? Would you go with them? Why? Comment below, please!