What Perspective?

Have we lost our perspective as people? I would say nation but this has become international. 

Has respect, human decency, morals and ethics become outdated? So much so that life's slogan is now "Anything Goes" ?


Take a look at what sells... Sex! The more we see it the more we buy it. A gift from God that we as people have utterly corrupted and misused. Flaunting it in public eye for money and fame- we've become Pimps and Prostitutes with no shame as long as the checks keep coming. Is this the legacy we truly want? We've idolized women and men like: 

Madonna (and I'm not talking about the Virgin Mary), the legends true or fabricated about Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Heffner, Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian ... etc. The latter is ONLY famous for having a sex tape with Ray J, you know what I'm talking about- then her mother exploited that, kudos *voice of sarcasm*!

My point is, for the most part, when any of these names pop up what immediately comes to mind? Anything noble? I'll wait... (List them below)


If it isn't wreckless sex it's ignorance. Ignorance in the form of knowing you can do better but taking the easy way out because quick money is more appealing. News flash, quick money doesn't provide longevity.  Gimmicks die, look at any "Where Are They Now" special for one hit wonders and Reality TV stars. If you're smart you'll have additional plans and additional plans mean a lack of ignorance. Eventually you will learn something but the "what" is up to you. Learn how to prosper effectively and wisely or learn that you should've paid more attention to educating yourself long ago. 

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not a Black or Hispanic thing, all races and nationalities have this problem. It is a People problem. We know better so why aren't we doing better?

The latest in human shame is the popularizing and praising of racist and prejudiced murderers. George Zimmerman has become a celebrity of sorts at gun shows and fighting events- the two things he played shy about during his trial for murdering a young Black boy in his neighborhood because he thought the boy didn't belong there. How did this go from an outright injustice to a money making pleasure?! 

What happened to perspective? Common tenets, worldwide, are respect and general ideas of 'right and wrong'. What has happened to respect for self and others? Somehow it has vanished and with it the common understanding of right and wrong. 


Can we go back to when these were understood and honored? Can we?  


Please leave your comments below, agree or disagree I want to hear from you.