One promise I gave to you all, my readers and subscribers, is my complete honesty.

I want to talk about "insignificance"-- you know that feeling you get that tells you that your feelings and life do not matter? That feeling fed by mass media that tells you what you are personally facing mentally or emotionally (even socially) is of no importance??? Yes, that horrible feeling is what I am referring to.

We as a society, worldwide, have become so callus to the personal that we barely notice when another person is hurting. When did we get here? Indifference crept up on us like a thief in the night dressed like a ninja in all black! Indifference ganged up with selfishness and lust for material to cultivate the rich environment in which "Insignificance" currently thrives. Its thriving is killing us!

Insignificance has climbed like a vine, affecting all ages. When a child commits suicide because of bullying, neglect or some other traumatic event that leads them to think that they are not enough to be cared about and respected-- we have a problem! When our elder population feels abandoned or tossed aside because they are being abused by those who are supposed to provide care-- we have a problem! When our Veterans return home from protecting our liberties and they are now homeless, unemployed and handicapped without a way to receive proper care-- we have a problem!

By now you are noticing my exclamation points. Yes, I am really upset by this. The fact that we need to trend things like "Black Lives Matter" "Bring Back Our Girls" or "Equal Pay Equal Rights" is sickening. These hash tags are proof that I am not alone in this disgust. What must we do to wake up?


Here is the thing that I live by:

If God valued humans so much that He sent His Son to die for our wrong doings to reconnect us to Himself. Then how could I ever undervalue anyone? I would be totally out of order.

Tolerance is a bandage that I do not need. What is needed is LOVE. Love heals and covers and renews. We need love! Love kills insignificance. Let's kill it- LITERALLY!