Community Engagement


UPDATE: The EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Center stays! Thanks to you and our local government officials and Senator Comrie. It will be open for use for a variety of services so call to schedule your seminars, meetings, workshops, classes, etc. 

At the the Women's Health and Wellness Workshop, sponsored by Her Spark! Inc. the Queens, NY community learned that a valuable resource was being taken away from them. Non-profit organizations like Her Spark! Inc. utilize and partner with community resource centers like EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care to bring much needed services to the population at large. This center helps the elderly, the handicapped and young persons with mental health, physical health and financial health- all for free! I myself have benefited from their services when I needed it most.

So when I received the call after 7pm in the evening last Thursday, I made it my business to be present and active for the next day's press conference with New York State Senator Leroy Comrie and representatives from EmblemHealth.

The community came out, all ages, and rallied behind Senator Comrie, councilman I. Daneek Miller, New York State Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, and New York State Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman. As a result, EmblemHealth has given their word to work with the office of the Senator to keep the EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Center in the community and benefiting to the population. There, however, has been no promise on their part so that means WE must stay on top of it all. To our knowledge there are a few more locations, Harlem included, where the neighborhood centers are threatened to close. These specific neighborhoods are in great need for these services. So that means spread the word! Let us increase attendance for all of the programs and workshops they provide.

It is all for our benefit, so let's use them!


Take a look at the pics below and share them. Thank you.